Read what some of the clients of Precision Laser have to say about their experiences with their treatment and service at our clinic. Thank you to our valued clientele that took the time to give feedback for this page.

Male Client – Laser Hair Removal:

OK, so this may be uncommon for a guy, but I think it’s gaining popularity, and for good reason!  Anyhow, I had been waxing and shaving for over 10 years in, shall we say… a sensitive area. A couple years ago I spoke with a few laser places here in Calgary looking for some kind of more permanent hair removal, only to be turned down with comments like “our tech’s wouldn’t be comfortable working on a male, not there”. Thankfully, my contact with Karen at Precision was much more positive!  She put me at complete ease by letting me know she used to be a nurse. Results were dramatic, a couple weeks after my first session nearly all hairs in the treated region fell out, bringing on 6 weeks of no shaving!! About a year later, after 8 treatments, lighter skin areas no longer have any hair regrowing (yay!!). Overall,very pleased, so much that I’ve gone back and started treatments on 3 additional areas. This is GREAT!!!  It can be frustrating seeing hairs grow back after 4 and 5 treatments, so all I can say is you have to stay committed. Researching hair growth cycles will also help you understand the process! From one very happy client,

Female Client – Laser Hair Removal:flower isolated on white

I can’t believe I waited so long to try laser hair removal. The staff at Precision made it safe, comfortable and easy. The results are better than I expected. I highly recommend Precision Laser.
-Karen M.